Our Story

By Warren & Melanie Heinnen…..

Our journey started in 2000 (same year our daughter Grace was born) finding our dream property in Paraparap. The property was overrun with long grass and hidden treasures … old posts and wire!

What next? Create a Winery of course! Perfect undulating land which had been unfarmed and free of residual chemicals. Soil tests and preparation for planting our selected vintages commenced. The vineyard was planted with the help of family and friends but predominantly the Anglesea local community! Vintage for the first few years was the same supportive family and friends with a few more joining the team. We are so grateful to be part of the Surf Coast community.

Moshulu berries are grown with sustainable farming practices in our vineyard with careful attention to the health of the entire property. Organic composting and weed removal with specialized equipment means no herbicides! The large dam has formed a wetlands eco system promoting local birdlife and many other critters within the property. The risk of disease and pests has also been minimised through organic farming practices and the promotion of the many natural eco systems which thrive in and around the vineyard.

With a love for growing our own farm fresh produce, we have created large vegetable gardens which yield seasonal crops for the family and the cellar door menu. Harvest from the orchard produces fresh fruit and the chickens contribute with eggs, pest control and fertilizer.

Our Estate name - Moshulu (Mo-shoe-loo) takes its name from the largest four mast sailing ship in the world still afloat. Launched in 1904 she almost became a shipwreck statistic with a 'near miss' on our infamous rugged coastline, near Point Addis.

Visit our Cellar to find out more about the Moshulu and life on the farm.